After 1900

The Lord family came to Tolt in 1889 and purchased the general store and hotel. Three years later the hotel was moved from the banks of the river to the side of the main highway which led through town. As more settlers came into the valley the trails and roads became of greater importance.

Tolt continued to grow and prosper in the 1900s. Local dairymen established the Tolt Cooperative Creamery.

The first plat of the Town of Tolt was filed by William J. and Eugenie Lord, May 16, 1902. Their plat was located between the Eagles Hall (1895), currently Heritage Hair Salon and East Entwistle Street.

The town’s streets were names Eugenie (currently Eugene) and Myrtle for Mrs. Lord and her daughter. Blanche Street was named for Blanche Davis (Platt).

Professional developers arrived in the area because of the prosperity from successful timber and agricultural enterprises.

The second plat in 1910: Tolt Townsite Company platted the residential areas north of Entwistle Street to Bagwell Street.

The third plat in 1912: As growth continued Sarah E. Davis and 25 associates replatted the Tolt Townsite, February 7, 1912.

These three plats formed the hub of the commercial and residential area . Tolt was incorporated December 31, 1912.

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