Robert Andraelli, b. 1923

My name is Robert Andraelli, born March 7, 1923. I was born in Snohomish, Washington on a farm down there, born there.  Stayed around there about six years.  Then we went and bought another place, and then we stayed out of Carnation for about a year, and then I didn’t even know they bought the farm.  And then he told me, “We can go on the farm and stay now.”  So wound up there.  I liked the place we were at before, because we didn’t have nothin’ to do, just play.  When I got on the farm, I had Continue reading

Carnation Verbatim – Introduction

Produced by Pacific Northwest writer, photographer and composer, Jerry Mader, Carnation Verbatim--A Celebration of Elders, is a documentary containing oral histories and photographs of elder citizens native to the Snoqualmie Valley and the community of Tolt/Carnation (est. 1912). Mader began the project in 2005. Over the next two years he photographed 28 elders, octogenarian and nonagenarian, and recorded 25 life histories. Mader also assembled excerpts from 22 of the audio recordings of life Continue reading