The Tolt Historical Society is dedicated to the researching and preservation of local history and artifacts for the perpetuation and development of knowledge; the convenience of researchers and authors; the education of students and teachers; and the general welfare and prosperity of the community.
The Tolt Historical Society has, since its formation in 1982, built a museum collection of vintage photographs, artifacts and memorabilia representing the 100+ year history of the town of Tolt/Carnation. The Collection is currently housed at the Tolt-Carnation Historical Museum at the Hjertoos House at Carnation Tree Farm located south of Carnation on State Route 203. The museum is the Historical Society’s major accomplishment with a current inventory of over 1000 items.
The Society is an all volunteer organization whose operation depends on contributions and funding from State and Federal Heritage Agencies. Tours of the museum are available for interested individuals and organizations on request.

For more information contact us at ToltHistoricalSociety@gmail.com.